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Alli Gaulin


Alli's Gear:
Canon 5D MK II
Canon 24-70 2.8 L
Canon 85 mm 1.8
Canon 16mm Fisheye
Canon 580 EX Flash
Lightroom 2
Photoshop CS4

I am a photographer for the simple fact that my children change at the speed of light.  And they don't just change a little, they change a lot.  And they don't just grow, they  become.  That sparkle in their eyes that I captured last year- it's something completely different today.  Every parent deserves to have beautiful images of their children that hang in a place where they see it so that they, every so often, can take a moment to celebrate all that their children were, and are,  and will become.  I don't have art I bought at Target hanging over my mantle,  I have my life's work, my heart, and my joy there,  and it makes me happy.
A Few Random Things About My Work:
I shoot with Canon, but only because that's all I've ever known.  Sometimes I wonder if the "dark side" of Nikon might not be so dark. 
I love love love the purity of natural light, but I dabble in off camera flash and find that it can add something really special to certain images.
Some of my biggest accomplishments:  Being published in Jim Miotke's  book ,  "The Better Photo Guide to Photographing Children."  Not one of my images was used as an example of what NOT to do, thankfully!  I've also had two images displayed in Times Square for Kodak's Picture of the Day. 
My Proudest Moment:  On the morning of my studio's grand opening I expected that it would be a very long and slow day and had sort of a dread for it.  At the end of the day I had booked the entire summer, and I never sat down once.  My feet hurt in the best way.
When Dads cry, then I know my work is a success.  This is when I know I accomplished just what I set out to do, and I did it well.

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