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Megan Peck

Megan's Gear:

Canon 5D
Canon 5D Mark II
50mm 1.4
85mm 1.8
24-70mm 2.8L
100mm 2.8 macro
580EX Canon Flash
CS4 and Light room 2.6

I have always loved having a camera in my hands. To me, it was an attraction from elementary school and on through my extensive travels in and after college.  It was not until the birth of my first child that I found myself wanting to know more about how to take a better picture, get more details and capture that memory forever.  I was given a Canon Rebel 35mm for Christmas and LOVED it. Still I did not know how to shoot manually or what aperture was. After the birth of my second child, I bought a Rebel XT digital and strove to learn the ropes of Manual and get into that whole new world. My primary goal was to learn how to take better pictures of my own children.  I never intended to go into business. I entered some local Photography shows and was approached by a friend to take photos of her children, who in turn told a friend who told a friend etc and I was in business. I was not willing to really take that next step until I had a strong understanding of light, speed, aperture and composition. Along with that knowledge I had to learn Photoshop, LightRoom and my way around creating a website. I joined some online photography forums and met some wonderful friends, from all over the world. A group of us wanted to continue our friendship, share our growing knowledge of business and photography and so we formed the PIXEL CHICKS, we are 4 years in the making and as strong as ever!! For me being a photographer, primarily of children is just an utter joy. It is fun to go to work, I laugh, I am privy to special moments that come and go so quickly. Truly I am blessed to have found such a wonderful career

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