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About the Pixel Chicks

We began a small, close knit forum for women photographers in the summer of
2006. Little did we know that we would grow first a strong bond of friendship,
then later a desire to work together to support growth in our skill set and
creativity. We met in NY, Chicago, Alabama, Boston, NH, California, and
Nashville for workshops and trade shows. Drawing from each unique set of
talents and skill sets, we developed a workshop for ourselves in Atlanta,
Georgia in January 2009. We learned skills in studio lighting, OCF, editing,
working with babies, business practices, and we even learned how to successfully
break into an abandoned warehouse, and the subsequent skill needed to talk our
way out of getting into trouble with the police. We were so good at this skill
that we were allowed to stay and finish our shoot. Do not try this at home.

Our goals for this group: To share some of what we have learned and to
encourage photographers to commit to your growth every day. We hope you
will honor the art by waiting to enter into business until you have mastered your
camera and have a solid understanding of exposure, light, and the rules of

Your craft will take many years to perfect- so be patient! Most of us started
years ago in film and have worked diligently over the years to learn the
technical skills that allow us the freedom to create images that both evoke
emotion and are technically solid. One of our favorite quotes from Jerry
Ghionis: "I want to be better today than I was yesterday." We are committed to
this, how about you?

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