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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Megan here.

Hi readers!! I am in the middle of editing a newborn session and I thought I would share some of the proofs with you. This beautiful little man was 10 days old. He was so good and so sweet. At 10 days he was just starting to wake up, so we had to wait him out for a few hours. It is tough for the babies because if we fiddle with them too soon without them being in a deep sleep then we have to go through the sleep process all over again. The parents of this cutie pie were totally awesome, his Mom is a nanny and she handled him like an old pro which made my job easier too. The father was just so excited and so in love, it was a honor to be there with them.
this was all natural light, we had a big picture window but direct light was shining in so I had the set up, (bean bag, heater, blankets etc to the right) I shot with 2 cameras, my 5D with my 50mm 1.4 lens and then my new 5D mark ii with a 24-70mm lens. with the light moving I was able to shoot between 200-500 iso to keep my ss up.
enjoy the pictures!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Atlanta Pixel Chick Get Away !!!

As many of us that could make it gathered at my house in Atlanta and had the best time shooting pictures, watching eachother edit, talking equipment and motherhood and every other thing you can imagine :) To have friends like this who share so many common interest is one of the most wonderful gifts that God has shared with me :) I love these women so much ! They are the kindest, most giving and talented group of women you will ever meet. We will be sharing several images we took during the weekend just for fun !!

me , Cindy






Pixel Chicks get togethers....

Several of us met up this summer to go to a workshop with Heather Bookout. We had such a good time !! Plenty of learning went on and I had visited Heather's website and blog many times but meeting her was better than just seeing her pictures. She nad her Husband Ben are such special people. God is so good to put Good Talented people in my path to help me see what is possible :) My chicks do that for me everyday. We talk everyday on the phone, online and it is extra special when we get to actually see eachothers faces !!!!

Julie, Cindy and Alli :)

Cindy and Heather Bookout

Kodak Picture of the Day January 24,2009

Today has been a good day with a very nice surprise. www.kodak.com has a contest where they choose one image everyday to be the Picture of the Day. Many Chicks have recieved this honor and today was my turn :) This is my 5th Kodak POTD. It is displayed on their website as well as on a 3story billboard in Times Square.. How cool is that ?? I have been able to visit the city when one of mine was being displayed and it is the COOLEST thing EVER!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend !!!

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