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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Atlanta Pixel Chick Get Away !!!

As many of us that could make it gathered at my house in Atlanta and had the best time shooting pictures, watching eachother edit, talking equipment and motherhood and every other thing you can imagine :) To have friends like this who share so many common interest is one of the most wonderful gifts that God has shared with me :) I love these women so much ! They are the kindest, most giving and talented group of women you will ever meet. We will be sharing several images we took during the weekend just for fun !!

me , Cindy







Ali said...

You are all GORGEOUS!!! Looks like you had a LOT of fun!!!

I saw Alli's images and they are beautiful!

Hayley said...

Missed you guys!! Still bummin I couldn't be there...definetely next time though :)

Leslie Cervantez Photography said...

This is awesome, I love it. I have followed you all from Photo 101 and I love looking at all of your websites! You guys are such an inspiration. I am still here in Germany, but would love to one day meet you all when we make our way back to the States.


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