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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Getting to know us - Meet Cindy

My name is Cindy. I choose to concentrate on relationships with my photography for a very good reason. I truly believe that a marraige can be saved with ONE special photograph. I have a passion for creating images for your family that help you truly see on a peice of paper what you hope is true in your heart. We need moments to stand still and soak up the best part of this life. The people we love and those that love us back. It isn't what car we drive or the house we live in that really matters but who we love and how we love them. I hope you see an image on my site that makes you thankful for the realtionships in your life. I can't wait to meet you and spend some time with your family. I can make the sweet moments last just a little bit longer....

A Few Favorite things you may not know about me...

* I eat something chocolate EVERYDAY..
* I Love the smell of the rain in the summer before it starts raining..
* I Love the sound of the Orchestra tuning their instruments before a concert.
* My favorite sound is the sound of my children when they sing together.
* The only scary movies I can watch are scary sci fi because they could never really happen.
* Children always amuse me.
* I totally am an addict about learning new things.

Thanks for listening.. If you are in the Atlanta area and are looking for a photographer.. I would love to meet you!

770 547 1018


Ali said...

I love your new SP Cindy! It's stunning!

Picture Perfect said...

Yay Cindy!! Cindy is one of the busiest photographers I know. And so uplifting. Love you Chick!

meggie said...

Beautiful Cindy, I too love the sound of an orchestra tuning, all the tings and strings, fun!

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