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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Creative Process Feature 2

Hi all... Hayley here. Glad you stopped by :) This is our 2nd creative process feature, today I will be sharing a favorite image from a recent newborn session and the breakdown of how it was created.

Location: This image was made in the client's home in their living room.

Camera & Lens: This was shot with a Canon 5Dmk2 and Tamron 28-75 f2.8 lens at 35mm. It was shot in manual mode at f4, iso 640 and a shutter speed of 1/250.

Lighting: Lighting was all natural. There was a large east facing window in their living room which is where I set up next to. It was an overcast day making it perfect to work by this large window. There was also a window in their dining room facing the north which also brought in more light to the room I was working in.

Creative Process: The baby loved being snuggled up in these cocoons. I had 2 that I brought with me and he loved them both. I had mom hold the cocoon while I placed baby in. I then layed him inside a large antique trencher (also known as a dough bowl). That is what you see as the wood background. The thing I loved about having him in the trencher, is I could easily move the trencher to create different angles of light and shadow without actually moving "him". I had the trencher sitting on my fake barnwood floor mat so it slid and moved very easily and it never disturbed him. I was able to make different shots with different light plays just by simply moving the trencher.

Post Production: This image was shot jpeg. I then adjusted the levels in CS4 to my liking and added a blur/vignette effect after the square cropping was done. I felt the square crop represented the best artistic composition for this image.


Denise Snyder said...

One of my recent favs of yours Hayley! Thanks for sharing it!

Bridget Engbretson said...

After a couple of years of reading about the Pixel Chicks on Laura's site, it's fun to see you here. Really looking foward to learning from your posts.

meggie said...

really stunning image Hayley, you have such a way with Babies!!

Hayley said...

Thank you Bridget :)

Chris said...

This is darling, Hayley! Thanks for sharing how you achieved your beautiful image!

Hayley said...

Thank you Chris and you are welcome :)

J'Lynn Mak said...


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