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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Creative Process {Pixel Chicks Photography}

Hi all... Denise here. This is a new and hopefully recurring feature we plan to post to the blog at least once weekly called "the creative process" where each of us will take turns presenting a favorite image and dissecting it to give some insight into what went into the making of the image.

Here is one of my favorite images, titled "A Love Like No Other" and a breakdown of the creative process:

Location: This image was made in the client's home in the baby's tiny little nursery.

Camera & Lens: This was shot with a Nikon D200 and Tamron 28-75 f2.8 lens at 32mm. It was shot in manual mode at f2.8, iso 800 and a shutter speed of 1/60th.

Lighting: Lighting was all natural. There was a large window camera right, and another smaller window almost directly in front of the subject. The large window was the main light as the morning sun was shining pretty directly into the nursery.

Creative Process: I wanted to make a very simple image that said something about a new mother's unconditional love. The light in the nursery was gorgeous, and though Mom wasn't crazy about having her photo made, she was comfortable with a shot taken from behind. Her hair was piled loosely on her head and I loved the texture the tendrils created. We decided that the image would work best skin on skin and so we merely pulled down the sleeves of her tank top to get that effect.

Post Production: The image was shot in RAW, so post production included just a quick conversion from RAW to jpeg, and a very basic black and white conversion in CS3.


hayley said...

One of my all time favorite shots of yours D :) LOVE IT!!

Allison said...

Our first official "new" post! Thank you Denise. this is fantastic!

Chris said...

Love this image! A fav of mine too!

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